Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Euro Will Get Stronger, Says Fund Manager

NEW YORK (TheStreet) - Axel Merk, portfolio manager for the Merk Hard Currency Fund, says despite Europe's troubles, the Euro will strengthen against the dollar.

Axel Merck (MRK) of -- hard currency fund which -- the Euro headed. I we believe it's going up and the reason is not just because everybody hates it but because we think is better run in the US dollar and because the issues in the eurozone should be reflected in the bonds via -- in the Euro itself. Will Germany eventually just. Take over that debt for the peripheral nations. It is -- cheaper for Germany to bail -- all of us -- to leave the Euro which we think is technically almost impossible would lead to an implosion India. But importantly gambling is not just going to give -- the money there willing to get a good deal -- money. And I'm for that it requires negotiation is an -- process that's gonna play out in public. What about on the other side of the world Japan is trying to -- the end but they just can't do it. While the Japanese have had a very ineffective government they've had almost ten finance ministers over the last six he has also. And that means they don't have a plan in place and right now now on account of the prime -- trying to change that and maybe there -- be want to mention. .......