Saturday, January 22, 2011

What is Forex Trading - for Beginners - Part 1

It's hard and yet not hard to start 95% of Forex trades fail in the first few months but with the right knowledge you can learn, start by learning risks and losses, then learning in order market basics i.e bull, bear, long, short, cable candle stick charting then move onto trends, patterns, concept of trades i.e whipsaw, upward trades, downward... after that learn support & resistance, then stop & reverse tactics, next look at triangle shapes, flags, head & shoulders (don't use) you have to understand about long and short, bull and bear's be careful because 95% of people that get into this fail reason why, is because they don't understand the basics to start you need at least £250 people say that you can start out with less but for me personally I bet on 4 markets at a time so if your doing that then you need £1300 or just 1k and go by a 1/2 risk reward ratio..

it does not matter whether it is going up or down what matters is knowing who will win or who will lose. But as a beginner how do I buy or sell per se or literally those things that are going up or going down. I know how to buy if the intention is for trends that are going up but how will I buy a losing currency? In modern world more and more programs are created to make share market easier to user, those programs can provide bonuses such as 30% of your first deposit, they have specially trained people to help you. they also provide demo modes that allow you to train with virtual money before starting. Please massage me if you are interested in this kind of program.